"Innovating Together"

What I can do for You ....

With over 25 years of Mechanical & Product Design and over 20 years of using Pro-Engineer software, there isn't anything I can't model or project I can't help with.  I use a laptop, so I can do work at your location if needed. Here are a few of the things I can help you with;

  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • 2D Drawings
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Patent Drawings
  • Pro/E Training and Mentoring
  • Manufacturing Liaison
  • Help with Visualizing an idea
  • Help with getting Rapid Prototype made
  • Working out bugs of a design
  • Advise & guidance on getting your product made
  • Deal with vendors for you

Very reasonable rates and free consultations.

Who can I help ...

Well, I can help anyone in need of my services.  But a typical customer might be someone who falls into this list.

  • Inventors
  • Garage Tinkerer
  • Engineering Departments
  • Companies with no Engineering Department
  • Fabricators
  • Machine Shops
  • Tooling Shops
  • Someone who needs help getting a product to market
  • College Students
  • People or Companies who want to get more out of Pro/E
  • Industrial Designers
  • Freelance Engineers who need a little help getting a project done
  • Hobbiest

A Word About My Choice of CAD Software and What Is Pro/Engineer:

Pro/Engineer (aka Pro/E, Creo or Wild Fire) made by PTC (Parametric Technology Corp), was the first parametric solid modeler and was released in 1987. By the mid 90's it became the premier CAD tool.  To this day, it is still the choice of most companies.  A similar CAD package, Solid Works, was started by former PTC employees and is considered a budget version of Pro/E but is more user friendly and easier to learn.  Hence why it is a popular choice.  But it does not have the capabilities of Pro/E and anyone who tells you different has never tried modeling complex geometry with it.  That being said, it's good software.  What about Inventor by AutoDesk?  For simple parts and assemblies, it's a decent tool.  Inventor is even cheaper and much less capable than Solid Works.  A word about AutoCad.  It's best use is for doing floor plans and other 2D work.

So my choice of using Pro/E is more than just because I've been using it since 1991.  But also because it's darn good software capable of modeling just about anything you can imagine.  So there you have it.  I hope that helped.