"Innovating Together"

A little about my professional experience

Hello, I'm Victor.

I've been involved in Product Design for over 25 years and using Pro/Engineer CAD software for over 20 years. Having spent most of my career in Silicon Valley, then in Colorado and Minnesota, I had the opportunity to work in many industries (aerospace, semi-conductor, medical, consumer, defense, hand held electronics, toys, disk drive, computer equipment and peripherals, automotive accessories) and many types of companies, from small start up to very large corporations.

This unique background has benefited me and my employers a great deal. Now, this knowledge makes me a go-to guy to help with almost any project, from plastic consumer goods to precision machined parts to weldments for industrial equipment. I possess skills hard to find in one person.

I am an expert Pro/E user with a high level of creativity, easy to work with & love complex geometry.

For more info about my experience, visit my Linkedin page.

A little about my personal life

I'm very much an outdoors kind of person.  So I like to spend my leisure time doing outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and camping to name a few things.  I have two wonderful kids who always find ways to make me smile.  I also like to get my hands dirty by working on cars, mine and my families.  Oh, my mountain bikes also do a good job of getting my hands dirty.

Photography is another one of my hobbies, which I find a way to mix in with everything else.  I'm also a big motor-sport fan, with Formula 1 being my favorite.  I have two gorgeous Canaan Dogs who enjoy going hiking with me.  I was involved in showing and breeding, but no longer do that.

Thanks for visiting.